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Everyone has their own vision for what an ideal site looks like.  However, when designing a website function, creativity, and user experience have to be balanced. WebMadeClear is a leader in web design because of our experience and our approach.

When we first begin a web design project, our goal is to determine what the purpose of that site is. Does it take reservations and display an online menu, does it inform on the latest fashions and take orders, or does it communicate the story of a company and its rapid growth and success? We consider function first, because it will let us know what tools a website must have.

next, we explore the style of the website. Every website tells a story; it has a personality. Our job is to help you find the best way to communicate with your audience. What colors communicate a charity best? Does you company news page want to be serious or funny? What images will make your restaurant appetizing? By listening to your needs and showing you how to listen to your audience’s needs we can find your style.

WordPress Design in San Francisco

Most of our client’s sites are built in WordPress, a content-management-system that allows owners to easily update there sites. One of our first considerations in terms of experience is making sure that your site has every thing your viewers want and your WordPress dashboard has the tools you need to maintain it. Your site should have all the relevant information to your audience, but not so much that they are distracted form the most important content on your pages. Users need to have the ability to easily navigate your site on their phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or even television, which is why we design all of our sites to be responsive and mobile-ready. Most importantly, your users need to be able to take action. We know how to set up your online store, database, contact forms and web applications.

If you are looking for a website that does exactly what it is supposed to to, and also looks beautiful, contact the
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